From Zero to Hero!

At Your Own Pace 

The “at your own pace” package allows you to get a fully designed space to complete at your leisure when time and finances allow it! Room Design is for living and dining spaces, bedrooms, home offices or similar. Check out our kitchen and joinery design services for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries! 

This package includes:

  • A pre-appointment questionnaire to nut out some details (proposed budget, timeframes, if you have a dog and what his name is) so we can jump straight into the fun stuff at the first consult
  • Initial on site consult with you to discuss the space and your visions, measure the space and get excited!
  • A mood board encompassing the overall style and vibe we are aiming for within the space
  • Once mood board is approved then we shall work on the furnishings, fixtures and finishes applicable to the project. All info will be provided with visual pretties, a proposed floorplan of where to place all future purchases and a handy schedule so you know EXACTLY what you need to purchase, prices and from where!

Now you have all the tools in hand to produce a beautiful room! You can immediately rush out and purchase everything, or you can take your time, and complete the room when your busy life allows!


  • A 3D render can be added for an additional fee

Room Design – Helping Hand 

In addition to the above, I can help with the ordering, shopping and coordination of the room install. The bonus of this option (other than me taking the hard work off your hands!) is that I can use my exclusive trade discounts in any of the applicable retailers and pass them straight on to you, and it also allows our purchasing capabilities to open up to stores than deal direct with the designers only, meaning we are certain to find the perfect furniture for your new space. 

  • Once all purchases are made we coordinate an install date for your revamped room. If trades are required we can recommend some local businesses to assist you directly prior to the install date!
  • Install day is here and finally the before and after will take place. This day will include installing furniture, hanging wall art, styling the space. 

*Final price will be dependant on scope of install.

**This price is for Cinder services only. All furniture and materials, trade requirements, delivery fees etc are additional expenses to the client and will be outlined throughout the process.

***Multiple room design will be charged at an overall discounted rate depending on rooms and scope.