We combine your interior dreams and our nifty skills to make your home a space you can’t stop lovin’.



So ‘we’ is me…and me is Bek! I am a sucker for a great coffee and an even greater sucker for a big tasty burger. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work out a career that allowed me to eat burgers every day without ending up looking like a burger, so I channeled the past 12 years of my life into my other passion, home interiors!

I have studied Interior Design and came away with a few reputable qualifications, I have worked in many homewares stores, spent 7 years in the Taubmans colour lab (yes, I actually got to create AND name paint colours!) and have whipped up some pretty slick kitchens in my three years as a kitchen designer. Now I have gone rogue, and am I taking on one tired ol’ room at a time to make it into something special!


You know when you walk into a space that makes you feel good, and you pull your shoulders up, and squish your face, give a little shimmy and go “ooooohhh!” (internally at least!). Well I want you to do that every time you walk into your home. Your home is your haven, and there is nothing better than getting home from a long work day, or returning from an awesome vacay to be greeted by a space that gives you a big bear hug. Every. Single. Time.

If you take it all back to basics, interior design isn’t about having the most expensive lounge (to not sit on!), having the most on trend cushions on your bed or designer tiles in your bathroom…it’s about carefully selected materials, colours and finishes working together to make the space you envision come to life. If you get the foundations right, all those finer details right, then creating a visually amazing room is not as complicated as you think!

So my role in this whole thing is taking all the guess work out, and help guide you on the right path to that space you have always dreamed of. Whether it’s a revamp of your master suite, or you are building your dream home… I can help get that little Pinterest inspo board into your real life, STAT!